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The mining cloud difference

If you’ve already invested in your own equipment, then you know mining can be demanding. There’s the significant increase in your energy bill, the risk of hardware malfunctions, and the loss of profitable mining time spent trying to fix any issues—never mind the perpetual hum of fans and the added heat to your home. Thankfully, cloud mining solves all these problems. With cloud mining, you can enjoy the security of knowing that your equipment has constant access to energy and the internet. And in the event of a malfunction, 24/7 support means your downtime is minimal. No pain. Plenty of gain.

The bcause mining cloud difference
Why Choose bcause as your platform?

Here’s how we’re changing the game

Bcause offers cloud mining with a few significant advantages, such as all-inclusive contracts with no added expenses or hidden fees. That means energy and internet are part of the package, and our onsite staff will make sure your machines are always running at peak performance. Our sign-up process is designed to get you mining in the shortest time possible, whether you want to lease our equipment or send us your machines. Finally, Bcause is completely transparent. Once you’ve signed up, just log into our system to stay up-to-date on your earnings. Now, the answer to easy mining is simply… Bcause.